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Do YOU want to sell your home $5,600 more AND 8 days SOONER? If you don’t, then you can stop right here. If you do…

Zillow recently posted a story “Why May is the Magic Month for Home Sellers“. In that story, they picked out the 25 top markets, of which Denver was one. As you might imagine, the sooner that a market’s weather improves, the earlier in the year the “Best Time to List” occurs. Florida’s best time…March. Markets where it roasts during the summer, like Phoenix, April is the best time. Denver, however, falls at the national average of May 1st – 15th, along with other major cities like Chicago, San Jose, and Minneapolis (though Minneapolis still has 18 months of winter left at that time).

What does that mean to you? In Denver, it can mean selling your home 8 DAYS SOONER and for $5,600 MORE!!! The sales premium identified is 1.7%…all for timing the market “just so”.

Are you ready to list? Or will you wait and lose? Don’t forget, rates are going up for your purchase, as well as those who would want to buy your home! So, this May will prove to be more important than prior ones.

Even if you aren’t ready to buy or sell, is someone you know looking to? If so, have them call me and we’ll take great care of them!

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